The Silver Benelux (PDF)




The Silver Benelux (PDF)

By André Delmonte.

The original book is from 1967 and the supplement from 1975. In three languages: French, Dutch and English.

This book describes the whole, half and quarter thalers and emergency coins that were made in the formerly north and south Netherlands.
Charles V (1506-1555)
Philip II (1555-1598)
Emergency coins (1572-1585)
Brabant (1584-1585)
Albert and Isabella (1598-1621)
Filip IV (1621-1665)
Charles II (1665-1700)
Felipe V (1700-1712)
Karel III (1703-1711)
Maximiliaan Emanuel van Beieren (1711-1714)
Karel VI (1711-1740)
Maria Theresia (1740-1780)
Frans I ( 1755-1765)
Jozef II (1780-1790)
United Belgian states (1790-1792)
Frans II (1792-1797)

Bouillon, Kamerijk, Cugnon, Vlaanderen, Luik, Reckheim, Stavelot.
Gelderland, Batenburg, Zaltbommel, ‘s-Heerenbergh, Nijmegen, Gorinchem, Vianen, Utrecht, Deventer Campen Zwolle, Groningen, Gronsveld, Heidt en Bleit, Hoorne, Maastricht, Megen, Thorn.

Republiek der zeven provinciën. Republic of the 7 provinces.

Compagnie van verre: Amsterdam, Middelburg

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320 pages tekst
52 pages with pictures in low density (1967)
63 pages supplement in the back of the book.